The Advantages of Having Personal Productivity Software

Personal productivity software is an application that no business should be without. This is because of the simple fact that this piece of software makes a great contribution when it comes to ensuring productivity in the workplace. But if you are not too convinced about the importance of purchasing personal productivity software just yet, well, this is actually normal. A lot of business men do become wary when presented with the notion of purchasing such software because computer software is a bit pricey in the market right now. However, when presented with the many benefits businesses enjoy with these software applications, the activity of convincing businessmen becomes very, very easy to do.

So, why exactly do you need personal productivity software in running your business? First of all, this piece of software can give any type and size business the professional touch it needs. The software comes with applications and programs that make it very easy for you to produce professional looking letterheads, marketing reports, brochures, mailing campaigns, and the like. Even the simple act of developing professional looking paychecks is easily done with the use of such software as well. And this is just one of the minor benefits that come with such software!

When you get the basic package, you actually get a word processor, a spreadsheet application, presentation software, and the like. For a more cost-efficient option, you could consider getting one of those suites that contain a number of these tools. This way, you are sure to get more value for your money. Some examples of these suites include Microsoft Office, Sun Staroffice 8, Microsoft Works, or Corel WordPerfect Office. An interesting fact about Microsoft Works is that it actually comes free with personal computers. Aside from these suites, you can also choose to get supplementary software packages that can make your whole life easier.

One of the popular software packages includes QuickBooks. This choice is popular because it is known to be very efficient in handling and managing inventory and business finances, such as payroll and benefits packages. Now, with all these abilities, you have to be sure to allot a hefty budget for your suite of tool and the additional applications and programs you would be getting. The typical price for suites and the individual applications range from a hundred to five hundred dollars. So, if your PC is meant for more than just doing the regular email and the basics on word processing, then you should consider this option thoroughly.

You may also be worried about the hidden and recurring fees that might come with having personal productivity software installed in your system. Yes, they do come with long term costs, but these are just minimal when you compare them to the benefits you would come to enjoy with the software. An upgrade would occasionally be needed, especially after a few years or so with your own application suite. Plus, your business should be growing in a few years, right? Thus, it would make much sense to avail of this upgrade, to foster improvement for your company in the business setting. Do not worry too much about upgrade expenses because they would definitely be lower than that of the original purchase.

Personal Productivity – 7 Spiritual Tips to Help You Live a Life of Success and Fulfillment

Personal productivity is an area many people struggle with. Just try to find your way to a motivational seminar near you and you’ll find the streets clogged with cars and the parking lots filled to the brim. Business seminar companies rake in millions of dollars every year trying to tell you how to become more productive.

However, boosting your personal productivity does not require you to fork over thousands of dollars of your hard earned money to someone you will only see for a few minutes…while you go on to live the rest of your life still stuck with you.

Instead, if you make a daily, weekly and monthly ritual out of the suggestions below, you will find that you will boost your personal productivity and experience feelings of success and fulfillment in ways you probably have not experienced before.

1. Acknowledge Your Mortality

Most people hate to think about this. If the world continues to operate as it has for millennia, even you will die someday. This is important to remember because it frees you to think about what is really important for you to spend your life doing.

2. Set Goals And Plan Your Day

Set goals for your business, your career, your health, and even your spiritual life. Decide today how many people you want to serve or help before your time is up. Decide how many people you want to say “Thanks” to, or to say “I love you” to each week. Write down specific 3 month, 1 year, 5 year and 10 year goals, and then fill out your daily calendar for each do so that you will reach your goal.

3. Live Consciously

Much of our lives are set to pre-programmed algorithms. Wake up. Clean up. Go to work. While these algorithms help us not to be stuck learning a new pattern every day, they can also become a mental crutch that robs us of our creativity and vitality. Make it a point to observe something special every day. Take a moment to think about the things you do automatically (before you do them) and decide whether they actually contribute to your goals.

4. Surrender Your Ego

As author Christine Comaford-Lynch once instructed, “Resign from being governor of the universe”. Good advice. Think about the things you can control, and recognize those that you cannot. Only hold yourself responsible for those things that you can control. By the way, be realistic about what is in your control and what is not.

5. Live an Epic-Driven Life

Dream up an exciting, inspiring and awe-inducing story (or “epic”) starring you. Then set a goal to “act out” that story. Whether you accurately live out your epic or not, you will find that you will add richness and spice to your life just by living out a series of epics – one after another.

6. Love Intentionally and Passionately

Show those around you that you love them. Not just your friends and family, but your employees, members of your community. Remember that love is an act of will – a decision you make. Love is about decision and action. The feelings just follow those around.

7. Seek Balance

Enjoy yourself, but strive for moderation. Do things that resonate with common sense. Work and play in equal parts. Include time for naps when you plan your leisure time. Take time to exercise because the research indicates that mind, body, and feelings are far more intricately connected than most of us ever acknowledge.


One of the most profound truths hidden in plain sight is that you will not “feel” successful unless you take joy in attaining every day goals. By setting and reaching personal productivity goals every single day, you increase the probability of feeling at peace with your self.

Note that personal productivity in my conception also includes spiritual productivity – the things you do to serve others, and to show them that you love them. Whether or not you reach your ultimate goal, when you are productive daily, you are successful daily.

And that’s the point.

Calibrate your goals to match your values, and then enjoy the epic-driven life you live on the way to your ultimate destination.

How to Double Your Personal Productivity in Just 30 Days Part 3 – 3 Strategic Secrets

In parts 1 and 2 we talked about how to prioritize your tasks and prepare yourself and your work space. Those are, strictly speaking, tactical considerations, albeit vital ones. However, doubling your personal productivity depends on some work you need to do at the strategic level – work ON your business and not just IN your business.

1. Clarity is the Key:

Before you start implementing the tactical approaches to doubling your productivity that we’ve discussed, you need to take a look at the higher level of planning, the strategic level, and ask yourself:

o What single, overarching goal am I trying to achieve over the next 3-5 years?

o What shorter range goals am I trying to achieve in the next 3-12 months?

o What are my immediate objectives over the next 30-90 days?

o Why do I want to achieve any of these goals, how will this make me feel and am I strongly motivated to reach them?

Nothing is as powerful as clarity. Knowing what, when or even how won’t make you an unstoppable force. Only a strong enough reason WHY confers the inspiration and the power to move forward in spite of all obstacles.

2. Be Ruthless:

Once you’re clear on where you’re going, you need to take a hard look at what you’re actually spending your time on. First, of course, you have to KNOW what you’re really spending your time on each week. The most effective way to do this is to actually log all your activities for an entire week to see where the time really went.

Okay, I admit logging all your activities for a week isn’t fun, but it’s almost always shocking – people are literally speechless when they see how much time they’ve wasted, how little time they really spend working and how unproductive they really are. When the hard evidence is in front of you, you have to face the music – you can no longer deny the truth or continue to delude yourself.

Next you need to make a list of all the work-related task you do each week. Then, beside each one you need to make one of three things: “do it yourself”, “delegate it” or “dynamite it”. You see, there are only three ways of handling a given task – do it yourself, give it to someone else to do or simply drop it because no one will notice if it’s not done (and a surprising percentage of tasks are found in the latter category).

The secret of doubling your productivity is to make absolutely sure you’re doing High Value Tasks almost exclusively, that you’re the person best qualified to do these tasks and that you offload every other task you possibly can. After all, you have the same 24 hours in your day everyone else does, so to start focusing on the tasks that yield the greatest results inevitably means you have to stop throwing away your time and energy on lower value tasks. There’s no other way. Keep in mind that successful people are not successful because they work harder or longer; they’re successful because they use their time better than you do. Now you can join their ranks.

3. The Role of Play and Balance:

Working harder and longer are seldom the answer and certainly won’t double your productivity, which is measured by output per unit of working time. Simply increasing your working time and continuing to work inefficiently is a recipe for frustration.

Decades of studying success have proven that people who are successful over the long term tend to value life-balance much more than unsuccessful people, contrary to what you might expect. They know that “playing hard” is just as important as working hard and that the former is a precondition of the latter.

Ultimately, you’re doing what you’re doing to make yourself and your loved ones happy. However, unless you’re leading a balanced life to get there and giving time to yourself and to the people you love, you’re making yourself more and more unhappy; in other words, you’re on the wrong track. Sticking to a routine of misery will not bring you happiness, not now and not ever. You can never start building a balanced life too soon. It’s essential to doubling your productivity and becoming successful.

If you apply the strategies and tactics I’ve shared with you in this 3-part series, you’ll definitely double your productivity in short order. Once you’ve done that, drop me a line and let me know!

How to Boost Personal Productivity Working Online

Your personal productivity when working online is a key factor in the level of overall success you will achieve. One of the first things you need to do is learn to make better use of time because as an entrepreneur you will have many responsibilities. Ultimately your key to success will be your ability to increase productivity by improving your skill sets and better managing your day.

Here are 3 time management tips you can use to make the most out of your online efforts helping you to increase productivity and also your bottom line as well!

Plan Your Day – Offline

By planning your day offline, I mean get away from the computer to do so since there are way too many distractions to be found on the internet. It is way too easy to check email, or see what’s in the news, and before you know it, you have clicked on a link, and have been surfing the web for an hour already! If you want to increase productivity then learn to make the best use of time you can and this will require focus. Schedule your day, review what you have scheduled, make revisions if necessary and be done with it!

Set Time Limitations

This will work like an egg-timer for you and if fact if one is available use it. By setting a definitive time schedule on any task you are undertaking, you will find yourself working with more focus and in an efficient manner. In a manner of speaking you have created a sense of urgency by establishing a time limit on each task! Deadlines place some pressure on you, motivating you to perform, thereby helping you to increase productivity.

Tackle Toughest Assignments First

Take advantage of your own energy level by tackling the toughest or most ‘dreaded’ assignments early on in your work day. Whether you are working online or off this approach helps to ‘pave’ the way for an easier day once these tougher assignments have been accomplished. The ‘psychological’ anvil has now been lifted, renewing your confidence and vigor to accomplish even more. You are now on a roll!

Your own personal productivity is a leading factor in how much success you can expect when working online. Since you will have many responsibilities, and little help managing them, you will need to take measures to make the best use of time that you can. The 3 time management tips reviewed above focus on proper planning and use of your own energy levels to help you operate at your best. By doing so, you will than be able to increase productivity in a more efficient manner. After all what good is success if you have no time to enjoy it?